Getting a Little Strange

Thursday, November 2, 2017 – 

After breakfast this morning Patty and I walked to my Doctor’s office get a prescription to take to the pharmacy, which would take fifteen minutes to fill.  This gave us time to walk to the Radiation Clinic to see if we could change our Friday appointment from the afternoon to the morning, so we could get on the road home sooner tomorrow.

While waiting to ask Donovan, the technician, there were several people sitting in the room with us.  A lady there came over to us and introduced herself as “Carolyn”, from Vacaville.  She said she knows us, but we wouldn’t know her.  Wondering about this, she went on to say she picks her father up in Orland and drives him there early in the week for his treatments, and takes him home on Fridays.  I see it’s about 111 miles each way.

Ron & Carolyn.PNG

She was aware of Sully’s visit several weeks ago, and had Googled him, and our blog came up.  She looked at it, and realized we were staying at the Fisher House, and wondered if we might cross paths.  She mentioned she has continued to read our blog, evidenced by her knowing too much about us to have not read, and we meet.

I didn’t know if I was flattered, or paranoid about this, but as it turns out she’s a very nice person.  I mean beyond being nice to us, she’s very helpful to her father, and she’s also helping others here with rides out of her way to take them home as well.

Next Friday on our way home, we may be going to Corning, just a little further than her father’s home in Orland, and then on to Volcano.  If we go as expected, we will take her father home on the way.  The world gets smaller, and consequences more prevalent.

12:30pm – My appetite has gone south today, so I didn’t want lunch.  We went to check out a thrift shop Patty found on her walk instead.  The place was a dump, and I became nauseous.  I believe it’s because of some pain I was having yesterday, and I had taken too many weak pain killers, that didn’t take the pain away, over a six-hour period.  I believe that set-off today’s short lived episode.  I came back and laid down for 1/2 an hour and felt better.

2:30pm – We returned from our appointment,  and the most harrowing experience in the “Crisper” (that’s a new term I learned today), but man it describes the radiation treatment I got today appropriately.  This is where it gets strange.

I’ve been used to my past lung treatments, in that they were consistent in procedure, and insignificant to mention anything about them, and so was yesterday’s first brain shot. The only difference is I’m in a different room, but the crisper looks the same as the other one.

However, today unlike yesterday, my mask was fastened down tighter against my face, and I could only partially open one eye, so I kept my eyes closed.  As the Crisper passed around my head I saw bright bluish white flashes I’ve not seen before, and I saw these with my eyes closed.  It reminded me of those old flash cameras from the ’50’s.  Moments later I feel the top of my head burning, and there was a putrid smell starting to permeate the room.  Everything I see has a blue hue to it, and I’m thinking this going to get psychedelic.  I had to get a grip on myself, not to panic.  Crispy Critter

Ten minutes later, I feel someone making an unfamiliar noise on the side of my mask but I couldn’t see them.  This went on for a moment too long, and I asked, “are you taking my mask off”?  He said no, “I have to make some marks on it”.  As he’s marking I’m asking him what he knew about these unfamiliar happenings.  He was a technician I’ve not met before, and he was avoiding my questions, basically saying he couldn’t say because he’s never been in the machine.   He did tell me the flashes were the radiations being applied.

He finished his markings, the mask comes off, I’m up, and Donovan walks in the chamber.  I’m getting my jacket and hat on, and I told him, “today’s treatment was a bit scary”.  He answered, “Oh, you smell something burning”?

We’re back in our room, and Patty’s sewing.  I can’t believe how fast this quilt is coming along, and it is going to be beautiful.  I think I’ll have a picture for you soon.  I find it ironic how she starts with those large pieces of fabric, and cuts them into smaller pieces of fabric, but then sews them back together again?  Some could think of it as madness I suppose.

Tonight Patty will prepare the evening meal I told you we would have last night.  I’m having a refreshing glass of iced tea Patty just made for me.  I’m feeling well, getting hungry, and looking forward to it.

Largely let’s just say I’m happy to not be drooling, or talking out of my ear yet.

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