Let a Little Love in your Life, 1998

Friday, November 2, 2017 –

We were able to move our appointment up to the morning, and got back from Travis this afternoon.  Prior to this morning’s treatment, I had asked to see the Doctor.  I wanted more information about my Star Wars experience yesterday.

Dr. Eastam explained all the senses I was having was due to the radiation on my brain creating the images of light and smell.  “They only exist in my mind”.  Hump and I have discussed the possibly our whole experience of life as being created by images in our brain.  Possibly a lifetime happens in a nano-second?  Moving on…..

I also asked for a further explanation of this pain I’m having on my right side, which is spreading to the front of my body now.  He previously told me it is due to scar tissue and nerve damage around my lung, but I asked, “is this a healing process that will improve with time”?  I was told no, it will persist, and is to be tolerated with pain medications, which I’m not fond of.  The side effects are not pleasant, and I’m concerned about addiction.  If it matters now?

He prescribed Lidocaine patches also.  These helped but very little during the night, so I was back to the Hydrocodone.  I’m also starting to ache in the jaw joint, which I was forewarned about.  Apparently, all of this is the result of Small Cell Lung Cancer, chemo, and radiation thrown in the mix.  What will they think of next?

Accepting the situation (no choice), I entered the Crisper, and had the same experience as yesterday, but not with the fear level I had yesterday.  Eight more cooking sessions to go.

Noisy NeigborsOne of our neighbors at FH complained about Chloe, and we told Evana the manager we’ll not bring her back for the remainder of our stay.  We believe she’s disturbed the folks we’ve been awakened by their carrying on with doors slamming, loud chatter and laughing anytime from 1:00 to 3:00am in the kitchen, (12 steps from our room).

She may have disturbed their daytime sleeping habits.  Regardless, we’re taking the low road, chalking it up to our communal living with pity-seeking snivelers.

On our way off the base, we made a quick stop at the Commissary to get a few grocery items to get us through the weekend.  Next Thursday when we leave for the weekend, we’ll start shopping to begin building on that Mormon philosophy of having a six-month supply of food goods.

The following week’s end we’ll complete the storage plan with a larger shopping trip there on our final way out for the last time.  The prices offer such a saving that I plan on purchasing as much as that SUV can carry.  I’ve wanted to do this ever since I read Joseph Smith’s “Word of Wisdom” years ago.  Patty believes such a stash should remain in the store because that’s why they call it a “store”.  They store it for us.

man-of-the-house.jpgAt the end of the day, I am the Man of this house, and a Man’s gotta do what a Man’s gotta do, and I’m gonna do exactly what she tells me too.  I’ve come to adhere to the philosophy, “a happy wife is a happy life!  None the less, I will see what I get away with.

We planned this weekend to be a Netflix’ weekend, due to a major winter storm warning.  It now appears the two storms sweeping across northern California will remain mostly north of us.  We are now expecting showery type weather throughout the weekend, rather than the two-inches of rain predicted.  I’ll bet Patty works on the glamper windows some though.  Me?  I’m sticking with the original plan.










2 thoughts on “Let a Little Love in your Life, 1998

  1. I’m always glad to read your blog and get caught up with your treat ment and your well being. Have a safe trip home . I, too, believe in ” stockings up. May r not for 6 mos but at least 6p days. Important to USE the things in the freezer so they Don’t freezer burn. Each item needs a menu. I used to make meals and put those in the freezer. That way I was sure everything got used and not freezer burned! Good shopping!

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