She’s on the Move

Saturday, November 4, 2017 –

Cougar 11-3-17
Another Cougar

Patty went to a Craft Fair in Red Corral today.  Neighbors Neva and Cindi have a display there.  Neva will watch Chloe this coming week while we’re at Travis.  Remember Chloe got evicted from the Fisher House last week?  She’s not bonafide.

I stayed true to my weekend commitment, and just like that fateful day in 1897, on this very spot, nothing happened.  I didn’t even get dressed today.

Jeff dropped off some eggs, and Jay dropped off beer. Answering the door was my only effort today.

Our Son-in-Law, Brandon has just acquired a new radio show I must spam you with.  I’ve watched Brandon become a great Father to their three children, husband, and has many successes, and rode a few wild waves thus far.  We’re proud of the person he’s become.

Brandon HintzHappy Birthday Brandon tomorrow November 5th

Today is a little rough.  I’ll just continue with all the activities I’ve planned for the day….


2 thoughts on “She’s on the Move

  1. Thanks Dad for your kind words! He and I are currently at a two day course called “Money Magic” in Marin this weekend. I know there are many more exciting things to come from this life! Stay strong my amazing father!
    We love and miss you.

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