It’s Getting Better all the Time

Monday, November 6, 2017 –


Neighbors Spider & Neva took Chloe and the stress of finding her a home this week this morning for the week and we headed to Fairfield.

We got our brain fried and met with Dr. Eastham.  He wants me to have another PETscan to determine if the pain I’m having on my right side is cancer-related or scar tissue.

The pain continues to intensify and he’s upped my prescription to deal with it.  I’m now taking Oxycodone.  I accept this disease will kill me someday.  I accept that.  I just don’t want to do it in pain.

Should the PETscan show some cancer activity, we’ll be here another two weeks beyond this treatment to stop it with radiation in the area of pain.  Of course, we’ll hope that isn’t the case.  I want to be done with the treatments, and ride it out enjoying life as much as I can.  We want to go to Europe before we must depart for the promised land.  I expect a few more road trips in between too.

60'sThe treatment in the Crisper today provided an additional illusion.  When they pulled the trigger, I not only saw the bright flash of white/blue light but I also saw what appeared to be a bolt of lightning coming from the Crisper to my head.  I didn’t see it actually penetrating my skull, as my peripheral vision couldn’t see it from the angle of the shot, which was from a 10 o’clock position.  No problem got through it.  It’s all so ’60’s.

All is quiet on the front lines from Travis AFB.  Taps has played out, the flag is lowered as has the sun.

Thank you all for being here with us.  I do appreciate you reading our story.  All of your kind comments are much appreciated also.

If you would prefer to read from our website rather than on Facebook or your phone, please go to  All of the pages have a clicker you can click “follow”, and then be notified of each posting by Email.

While they are available to me, I don’t look at stats for this blog.  They report how many followers, how many views, etc.  I’d rather not know.  I don’t want to be influenced by anything or disappointed by anything outside of why I do this and I do this because I want to.  Your being here just makes it better!!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Better all the Time

  1. enjoyed our day with the two of you! Europe?? Is that on the books? And I thought WE had a trip planned!! Actually, there’s been a slight change in our departure plan. Toby can fill you in. Hope You’re feeling better. Hugs, B

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