Half a Day at a Time

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 –

Ron 2007 Kawa Vulcan
Ron, ’07 Kawa Vulcan 1600
Dalton Photography


4:30am –  Up to greet another fine day in the neighborhood.  Joined the breakfast club here at the Fisher House this morning.  We have a nice community of folks staying here.  Some congregate in the later hours of the day, and then some earlier in the morning.  This always happens in the kitchen.

7:30am –  Later, we’ll be heading off base to Costco in Fairfield.  We’ll purchase fuel, and resident Ivan wants some Polish Sausage.   We’re happy to accommodate.  My treatment takes about ten minutes of our whole day.  Better to be occupied with chores or favors.


The picture above was taken by Bob Dalton, a gentleman I came to know as fellow Ride Captions with the PGR.  Bob is rightfully judged highly by his peers.

Bob’s a former Marine Sargeant and respected by all.  Check out his beautiful photography, “Bob Dalton Photography”.


12:30pm – We just got back from Costco.  This the first time we’ve been in a Costco with no lines at the check out counter or the gas station.  We didn’t get out of there with just the sausage though.

We’re going to the commissary now to get the ingredients for Chicken Enchiladas Patty wants to serve to our fellow residents tonight.  Although additionally, there will be homemade Chili, and Chicken Noodle Soup available as well.  Everyone’s a chef here…..



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