Mid Week Blues

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 –

Toby and Barbara are driving to Fairfield to meet us for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, “Taqueria El Tejaban” in Vacaville at noon today.


Forty-five minutes before we were to meet I asked Patty if we had time to cancel.  Today is a poor day again.  Feeling nauseous with pain. I was sure to be a drag for visiting.

It was too late to call.  They’d be on the road by then.  Patty said she’d go off base to meet them and for me to stay there.  I couldn’t do that after they’re making the trip.  I sucked it up and we went to the restaurant.

Toby and Barbara were seated in the restaurant when we arrived.  We walked in, and see these old friends perked me up, and I was feeling much better.  I’m glad I made the trip after all.


Patty and I thought the food was excellent.  The ambiance left some to be desired.  I’ll take good food over pretty decorations.

We left and Toby and Barbara followed us to the base.  I rode in their car and Barbara rode in ours.  Patty and I both have I.D.’s to get on base, allowing us to take both cars on the base.


We all went to my treatment with us telling them it only takes ten minutes.  Today it took an hour before they realized we were there.  The tech’s felt bad and promised we could be first up at 8:00am on Thursday.  This is always welcomed as it allows to get out of there earlier, and this is a three-day weekend for everyone here.

IMG_1741.JPGToby and Barbara stayed through the afternoon.  We were able to entertain ourselves until the evening arrived.

We decided we’d go off-base to have dinner together.  We chose Texas Road House.




We got our bellies full, and we all headed to our respective nests.  We got back about 7:30pm.

The day ended up being so special, with special friends.  I love these people!  Toby has been a great friend since ’88.

You’ll remember they stayed at our house and took care of our animals for us the first week we were stuck in ole Fairfield again.


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