“Arizona” by Bob Dalton Photograghy

Saturday, November 11, 2017 –

It’s very nice to see, read and hear the accolades bestowed upon our Veterans on Veteran’s Day.  I’m proud our Countrypersons having come together showing respect to all those of service.  Many of us older Vets certainly appreciate it, but at the same time, it can seem strange to some.  It just wasn’t like this in past years.  So thank you for changing that…

Friend Patti P. came to visit.  Patty Pillow has left to print pillows with Patti P.  She wants to manufacture, package and get them ready to ship before we leave for Travis Monday, to avoid having to take the sewing machine and supplies with us next week.  “Does this sound like she’s making room for more groceries”?

In spite of all the new California State Taxes and Fees that are being imposed on all of us recently,  I wish you may have a sunshiney, Sunflower kind of day, Oh and Happy Holiday(s)!!!

Jefferson Sunshine

Vets Party2..jpg

The night closed in, with some laughter, love, and happy Patti P making it a fun night with us by the outside fire pit.

Do love your ladies.  They save our butts in the end.

Enchiladas coming on.





2 thoughts on ““Arizona” by Bob Dalton Photograghy

  1. Ron,

    Elaine and I have been enjoying your blog and preying for your recovery.

    You remember our renters, Keith and Donna? When I was in the Air Force, Keith’s aunt lived in Fairfield and was the housing director at Travis AFB.

    Travis was where I had my flight physcal before I was accepted into the Air Force pilot program. Due to various mistakes by the technicians at the hospital, it took three chest X-rays to get it right. I have been avoiding X-Rays ever since. Hope the technicians treating you are better trained.

    This morning, we went to the American Legion Veteran’s Day ceremony at the cemetary in Pioneer, CA. Elaine and her daughter played, during the ceremony, in the Amador County Concert Band. The ceremony was very small townish and very moving. It was a time to reflect on the war and the guys who did not make it back to the land of the big BX. The Civil War cannon fire was loud and took me back to a hill top in Vietnam, where I was awakend one morning by a 75mm howitzer firing a round from about 30 meters from me that passed about 10 meters over my bunker. “Gooooooood morning Vietnammmmmmm”.

    Hope you are feeling better and stay with us a long time.

    Thank you for your service,


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