Monday through Wednesday

November 13 – 16, 2017

I haven’t been able to post any blogs this week.  I assume Travis AFB has a restriction on how you can use their servers.  We’ll have to play “catchup”.

Patti P. left Sunday morning after breakfast.  Sunday evening Al and Jackie who used to live on the road here, but recently sold and moved to Galt stopped in for a pleasant visit on their way back from Yerrington, Nevada.  Al’s fighting the “C” as well.

Frank & Yuen's Chinese Restaurant

On our way to Travis Monday, we stopped at a Chinese Restaurant, where we had a delicious light lunch of very good quality.  Everything was fresh and the service very good too.

If you ever find yourself passing through Fairfield on Highway 80, I recommend stopping here to eat if you’re hungry.  We left a five-star review of them on Yelp.



We arrived on base just in time for this week’s first radiation treatment at the hospital.  It was another episode of Star Wars!

I am losing more hair with the radiation and it is causing soreness on my scalp.

Following treatment, we checked in to the Air Force Inn.  The rooms are large, nicely decorated, clean and they are equipped with a refrigerator and microwave oven.

We had left-overs in our room for dinner to end the day.

The next day, Tuesday we were off to get our second to last radiation treatment.  Afterward, we went to the Fisher House to present the house manager, Ivana with a couple of decorative pillows Patty had made and wanted to donate to the two Fisher Houses located on the base.











Tuesday evening we decided to try a restaurant next to the hotel.  It was a colocated enlisted and officer’s sports bar and restaurant.  They have a special dish every night of the week.  Tuesday’s dinner was a Petite Sirloin, mash potatoes, and squash.

The steak was OK, but the mashers were really tasty, with plenty of flavors.  The dinner was $12.00 and as always, no sales tax.  The ambiance left a bit to be desired, although I wouldn’t expect more from a military base.

We were able to get a 9:00 am an appointment on Wednesday for our last treatment!   We rang the celebration bell with technicians Donovan and Jill for our last time here.  Leaving the base we made a last stop at the BX for a pair of Levi’s for Ron and a purse for Patty.

On our way out of Fairfield, we stopped at the Black Bear Diner for breakfast.  Great oatmeal with fixins’ here.

We got back home in the afternoon, picked up our dog Chloe from neighbors Spider and Neva.  They’ve taken care of our animals for the past week and a half.  Lifesavers they are!  Many thanks to both of these kind folks.




3 thoughts on “Monday through Wednesday

  1. So glad you’re finally done with your radiation Ron I know it’s takes a toll on you and Patty and I love the fact that Patty made pillows for the Fisher House down there that was really cool . Happy Thanksgiving to you both and I hope that you have some really wonderful time and memories with your families . Of course I hope the best for you and that all your treatments are doing what they’re supposed to be doing tell Patty I said hello and love you guys both . Oh and be sure to tell Chloe hello ftom Kaylee and that she wants to come to your yard again and hang around and get stickers in her again.

  2. Happy to hear you are done with radiation and staying away from home. Hope you are feeling great for a nice and enjoyable Thanksgiving!
    Love you,

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