No more…

Sunday, November 19, 2017 – 

We left Travis Wednesday morning.  We didn’t end up having to go make that five-hour drive home, via to Corning Wednesday after all.  I’ll explain it in a not too distant blog.  We got to Volcano Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday evening, we had a surprise, but a pleasant surprise visit from Al and Jackie.  Remember they lived on the road here part-time but sold their home about two months ago?

They were on their way to their new digs in Elk Grove, returning from Yerrington, Nevada.  Al’s fighting the C as well.  Our experiences parallel one another in many ways.

We have completed all the recommended procedures, and we shouldn’t have to go back for any others.  When this C comes back, there will nothing the Doctors can do.  We were told further treatments are ineffective upon its return, and we’re told it will come back.

We either make it for a good run from here, or we’ll check out.  I only hope my present condition with nausea and pain subsides until that day arrives.  I’m not afraid of dying, I am afraid of pain.  It’s the sissy in me.

Last Thursday former co-workers Jeff and Greg came up to visit from the Valley.  We went to lunch in Pine Grove in a steady rain.  I so appreciated being able to work with these people for eighteen years.

Friday was like 1897; nothing happened.  It’s winter here now.  Over Wednesday and Thursday, we got 5.25 inches of rain.  May have contributed to do our lack of activity?

Journey Hintz 2017.jpgHere it is psychedelic Sunday and I don’t anticipate us doing much today either.

Hope your Sunday treats you well







                           Granddaughter, Journey

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