Ghosts of the Gold Rush Linger in Tiny (Lava-Free) Volcano


Monday, November 20, 2017 –

John Hemstreet, Volcano California
John Hemstreet, Volcano California 2017

Below is a link to a script by a Bay Area Public Radio Station.  It’s about our little town, Volcano.  The interviewee, John Hemstreet is a local resident of the Village as it’s known.  He refurbishes Jukeboxes, and has many other antiques and his personal artwork for sale, in the first room leading from his front door into the entrance of his residence. When John first arrived in Volcano I was pleased to be his first customer.  Although I paid too much for an antique washboard, I enjoy a good salesman and because he loved me instantly I’m glad I did.

Ghosts of the Gold Rush Linger in Tiny (Lava-Free) Volcano

If you’re ever up this way and want to take a look at John’s antiques, bang on the gate door located just to the left of the phone booth.  He’s happy to let you in, and he’s a pretty cool fella too.  He has good stories and interesting stuff to look at.

Today, Dr. Eastham (Travis AFB) prescribed additional medications to my growing list of drugs I’m taking daily.  We’ve added steroids and an “Acid Blocker” to ease some of the symptoms I’m experiencing lately.  If this continues it may reduce my grocery bill.  How much can one eat in a day?

Recently we’ve all heard news reports describing problems with VA Medical Systems, ie;. “long waits for timely appointments and patients dying in the halls waiting for medical care”.

I’ll tell you here that is a statement painted with a broad brush.   I’ve had numerous conversations between Dr. Eastham and attending Nurses from Travis AFB, as well as Several of the nurses and staff at Mather AFB over the last two days, trying to get a handle on my symptoms.  They also moved my Pet Scan up from December 11th to November 29th.

These calls were from Travis and Mather while they communicated with one another from two different cities, keeping each entity informed of what the other is suggesting to me.  Such as prescribing the steroids today.  That alone took several phone calls us.

The care and timely attention to my needs are actually amazing!  I’ve never seen anything that compares to the thorough, compassionate and timely care I’ve received during my medical episodes.  This care has been from both the Department of Defense (Travis) and VA Medical System (Mather).

There may be problems elsewhere in the system, but not here in Northern California.  I’ve not personally experienced anything like these reports describe.  By not identifying specific hospital’s problems, the media makes it sound like a major crisis exists throughout the system.

It isn’t, it’s fake news, (the loose term) to get our attention and encourage us to watch their news actors professing to actually know anything.








4 thoughts on “Ghosts of the Gold Rush Linger in Tiny (Lava-Free) Volcano

  1. Glad to hear they are treating you guys well, Arizona VA however, the waiting list is so long that I can’t even get on the waiting list.

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