It’s just another Test

Sunday, November 19, 2017 –

Patty pointed out to me in my previous blog I had written how Al and Jackie visited here last Wednesday night.  I also wrote in my previous posting they were here Sunday night. They were not here Wednesday, but they were on Sunday.  I just wanted to clarify that in the event you may have caught that?

mental healthThis is a result of my damaged brain from radiation, (no comment necessary Stan).  It’s  also the first time I posted a blog before Patty proof-read it.  I won’t do either of those again.

Having never written a blog before my only concern was how often would I actually write?  Other than that I had no idea what would actually concern me along this journal.  After all, I had a subject, which is essentially the story of life by a man living on death row.  The subject would be giving you a glimpse of our journey to the other side, good or not so good.

However, I came to a time when writing a previous blog when I asked myself, “do you want folks to know this about you”?  It was at that point I realized how honest one must be if you write about your life.  Some of you know me personally, but you didn’t know all.  Nor did Patty and we’ve been together for twenty-five years, married twenty-two, and I didn’t expect you would.  Some hasn’t shared with anyone.

I’m finding the truth about this journey is it won’t always be about the pleasantness of this situation, but again, it has to to be presented honestly.

I have recently mentioned the pain coming on.  It hasn’t subsided and actually has increased a little.  I’ve mentioned how I had to resort to narcotics for this pain,  Three weeks ago I started with hydrocodone #10, then to Oxycodone.  Yesterday I graduated with Morphine.  The others take an edge off for a short time, but I’ve not been pain-free for a while until yesterday.  I had three-hours of a normal life.

20171120_082111.jpgI’m somewhat reluctant to tell you this, as I don’t want you to think I enjoy narcotics.  I don’t.  I’m not saying I haven’t inhaled back in the day, but hard drugs are not allowed in my house as a party favor. It’s just that I dislike pain more.

I’m also dealing with daily nausea and the hiccups twice or more a day.

As far as the side effects of brain radiation, Patty has been researching and learning more than we have been told.  I’m not going to bore you with all the details of her findings, but I hope you understand that I’ve acquired a memory problem, (beyond the existing one) and this is how that double posting about Al and Jackie occurred.

I hope you’ll bear with me through these mental deficiencies.  As said back in July, I’m not a blogger or a trained writer.  I disliked English in school; hell, I can barely spell without “Spell Check.

Peace be with you and as always thanks for checking in,,,








4 thoughts on “It’s just another Test

  1. Hi Ron and Patty. I’m still enjoying your journey with you and Patty. I am getting knowledge I otherwise would not – about you and Patty and The C as far as you have endured. I wish you both a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope the pain allows you such enjoyment. I send hugs to you both.

    As Turkey’s fly……..

    Oh and PS. As far as memory goes… I have a case of C R S going on most of the time….🤔


  2. I have loved your blogs! I think You’re an excellent writer and infused with facts, humor and history. Enjoyed every one. what a great legacy. See you tomorrow. B

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