This Day; 2010

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 –

P1080947It was seven years ago today we moved the last truck-load of household items from our home of fifteen years in Citrus Heights to Chateau 3-Fork in Volcano.  My son Kurt and a friend of his, Stretch helped us unload this the largest load of furniture, got it in the house, stoked up the fire pit, shared a beer and it started raining.

Finishing our beers, we all went to the St. George Hotel for dinner.  Afterward, we went into  the Whiskey Flats Saloon next door.  It started snowing.  Patty and I told the boys we we’re going home.  The bar was festive and these young good looking men had plenty of attention from the mountain women there, so they stayed, saying they would find a way home later.  I left my credit card at the bar for the boys.  Big mistake!

P1090025We left as the snowing became more intense.  We barely made it up Ram’s Horn Grade.  The guys couldn’t make it up the mountain later and arrived the next day.  Two five and a half miles to Volcano from here, Ram’s Horn has thirty two turns in two miles. Not only twisty, it’s steep!  Patty was freaking out driving in the snow.  I couldn’t quit laughing.  I told her, “just stay on the throttle and don’t touch your brakes”.  We made it home and went to bed.

Patty and I awoke the next morning after our first night here.  We awoke to this:

We ended up with about eighteen inches of snow that night.  Big fun!  Today our forecast calls for 71°.  Unusually warmer temps than the Valley, which is 3,200 feet lower.

I must thank too many even to mention, too many names that gave their time, effort, willingness and strength to mention that did so much to help us with this transition.    More than one might imagine.  Thank You, family and friends.

Midday, we were honored by a visit from a couple we’ve known since 1986.  They’re from The Old Boat People, Carl & Norleen of Fair Oaks.  We spent a few hours together, having a most pleasant visit seeing each other again, which we’ve been doing through the years, it’s still but my friends coming by and giving their time still tickles the cockles of my heart.  I was so thrilled to see them, I sang a verse to each of them.  Yeah, I feel that good.

Tomorrow being Thanksgiving we’re thankful to have our bachelor/bachelorette Thanks Giving with us, Contractor extraordinaire, Jay & Jim, daughter Lauren and her boyfriend and son Kurt with friend Alan.

We hope your day will be filled with good company , a hearty dinner and lots of laughs.  Remember no religion or politics during Thanksgiving dinner.

Ron and Patty Happy Thanksgiving.jpg