Rainy Days Ahead

Sunday, November 26, 2017  

A few of our crew left Thanksgiving evening.20171126_081722[1]Three more left Saturday morning, leaving us empty nesters again.  I spent the rest of day cleaning while Patty and her good friend Elaine went to the Sutter Club in Sacramento to decorate their dining room with
Dickens Village houses, trees, roads and of course, snow.

They will also go back after to Holidays to take down and re-pack. This the second year they’ve been hired to do so.

Patty and I used to waitress/waiter their Christmas Party until I developed a bone spur in my shoulder, which caused me to drop about forty glasses I was bussing.

Today has rained throughout the day.  The rain eliminated much else to do but enjoy it.  We are forecast for another inch tonight.

Our neighbors, Jim and Elaine (a different couple here in Volcano)had an open house we attended tonight.  It apparently was a good visit by all.






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