Plumbing Frustrations

Monday, November 27, 2017 –

Awoke to a beautiful sunny morning after receiving 2.25 inches of rain overnight, bringing our total rainfall to just over 9 inches since October 1st.

Patty worked on a leak in the guest bath sink faucets for hours yesterday without successful results.  Today we worked on it for a couple of hours longer with the same result, went to town for supplies, a longer pipe nipple and gott’r done!  It about caused a divorce!

LunchI used the blower to clear the driveway of leaves fallen from the winds yesterday, we went to Jackson, stopped at Lowe’s for supplies, the nipple, then stopped for lunch at Perko’s.  Patty had a beef dip sandwich with sweet potato fries.  I had meatloaf and mashed tators with gravy.  It was satisfactory at best.

Finished with grocery shopping and got home early evening.  Having a larger lunch, dinner was not necessary.



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