Say What?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 –

Patty drove us to Mather Medical for a 1:00pm appointment to have another Pet Scan.  This is a procedure they place one on a narrow, flat, hard table.  The table moves into the tube with the camera.  The Scan takes about 1-1/2 hours.

IMG_1840.JPGAfterward, we went to the Lab for a blood draw.  Then down a hallway to the canteen for a late lunch at 3:00pm.  Heading home, we stopped to buy pillow inserts and t-shirts for our first shirt order.

We entered our car to leave the hospital and saw we had “missed a call” on Patty’s cell.  Just before getting to the top of the mountain it was Dr. Rajappa calling again at 5:30pm.  He informed us that he viewed the results of my blood work and Pet Scan.  He said he found the tumors have returned to my lung and spread further into my bones.

Our options are another hit of chemo, and radiation of right side of my lung.  We’ve chosen radiation for another go.  I won’t go back to chemo again.  He was just very concerned that my sodium level is low again and wanted me to return to be admitted to the hospital, (he has to say that) but he remembered my preferences and we will return tomorrow to admit myself until we get the sodium under control again.

IMG_1841.JPGWe’re ready for an EZ going evening and I’m planning to fix Fish Tacos and Artichokes.

We had the Tacos.  They were terrible!  I had to eat two Sugar Ice Cream Cones to rid the taste.  The Artichokes were good.



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