Vacation Weekend

Thursday,  November 30,  2017

IMG_1842-2We arrived at Mather, checked into emergency, went through the standard procedure.

 3PM – We’ve just been informed they have a room for us.  No other details.  We’re just happy I won’t be transported by ambulance to Travis AFB.

5PM – Dr. Rajappa stopped by.  We’re informed we’ll be meeting wih Hospice to help manage the final stage of this jounal.  The Doc is arranging a short dose of radiation to the newly discovered areas of pain.  The treatment will take place at Travis.

The Doc expected more time before this new phase came about.  It is what it is.  We can’t change it.  I prefer dealing with reality.

I feel fortunate to realize I’ve had a good run without missing much.  I have a contentment with  my reality.  I’ve got my responsibilities covered.  I love my family, our friends, and I’m madly in love with my ever caring soulmate.  This is quite satisfying to me.  All’s good actually.

7:30PM – Got into our shared room with a hard of hearing fella running his TV loudly.  They got the monitors hooked up, fed us dinner of Roast Beef, Potatoes, gravy etc.  I’m as full as a tick eating here all day.

We’re settled in comfortably and calling this a day we’re ready to close the chapter on.  Good Night.











4 thoughts on “Vacation Weekend

  1. “You say you love me, andYou’re thinking of me, and you knowSometimes you’re right”!! I know, I changed the lyrics, ’cause I love you and I AM thinking of You! So the results of your tests were not unexpected as we discussed the last time we were together, because of the increasing pain you were experiencing. Still, hard to hear. Hospice will manage your pain, so that’s the good news. Pray you’re getting the relief you need. Barbara and I are in San Diego, visiting her new great- granddaughter, Kennedy. First time we have seen her. Rex’s daughter, Nikki, just had a baby girl, literally hours ago. His 4th. Granddaughter….He can’t Buy a granddson!!! We are getting on the cruise ship Wed., Dec. 6. I love you brother Toby Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Well, that’s a blindside, kick in the balls, sort of news! For me, anyway. Do you get to go home? How’s your lovely soul mate? And you? How are YOU? Pain’s under control, I hope. I’m heading north for weekend but I’d love to keep in touch. You are a helluva man, Mr Faubion! Love you guys. Patty’s a saint. Peace, Love, Rock n Roll

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