Joyful Day in the Life

Saturday, December 2, 2017 –

IMG_1843It’s slow around here.  I mean exciting is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The staff here is having a problem getting my medication correct.  Thankfully, Patty stays on top of it watching every move.  We’ve now indicated the drugs we won’t be taking.

Our tenant called yesterday saying the dishwasher is leaking, not draining and remains full of leftover suds?

We recently hooked up with Handyman David who got right on it.  Calling us back afterward, he found everything working properly and feels there is just too much detergent being used.  Nothing with the DW failed.

This was an unneeded cost the tenants could have avoided by rinsing it out with little effort, but apparently, thinking the leftover suds should have drained without simply trying to rinse it out with water beforehand.

We’ve always responded to any problem there immediately at our cost.  Some are justified.  This certainly wasn’t.


We had lunch.  Afterward, Kurt and Laura stopped by to visit just after 12:00PM. It meant a lot to us to have them hang with us during our discharge from the hospital today about 1:30PM.

Our sodium level remains on the lower side but is consistent.  They increased the potency level of the morphine, added a few new mother’s little helpers, and sent us on our way.

We’ll have one more treatment of radiation to the bone and lung to reduce the pain.  We will go to Travis, possibly next week for that treatment.  That will be our last contact with the medical procedures.  We will have palliative care from now on.

Heading home we stopped at JoAnn’s in Jackson for 60% off fabric, the grocery store for 5 gallons of water, Belinda and Steve’s Feed Store in Pine Grove for chicken feed but it was closed.  We’ll return tomorrow if they’re open on Sundays.

Coming through Volcano, we stopped at the Whiskey Flat Saloon for a welcomed glass of Sobon Barbera, an excellent wine.  We arrived at Chateau 3 Fork to be greeted by Chloe, which our dog whisperer Neva noted has been angry, wouldn’t eat or be coxed outside for any reason the last two days while we were gone.  Chloe is now happy again!

It was a beautiful, cherished moment of joy for all!  Chloe took care of all her necessities and food.

Happy night and weekend to all!  Thank you for reading…





2 thoughts on “Joyful Day in the Life

  1. Just stopping by to say hello. Wish I could give you a hug, your kind words and smile are allways so inviting. ❤

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