48 Hours

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 –

48 hours without pain or additional confusion, 3 nights of sleeping, 8 hours or more each night, sleeping through the night without having to get up for any reason.  Miracle (or drugs)?  Hey, another beautiful day to be above ground,  right here in this volcano.

This will be short.  More like an update, and I hope I’m not repeating myself.  We have cut all ties with the medical community for their services.  We are total Hospice Baby now.  If needed, they will come to our home and meet our medical and pain needs.

Today I modified my Side Bar, the donation part.  It’s on the main page of this blog,  Ronald Lee Blog.

Now, here we are in our perfect life, with a perfectly functioning efficient Medical Staff in Hospice, with everything physically under control.  What else could one hope for?

Sign.jpgSo that’s the latest update.  The bottom line:  Life is Grand at the 3 Fork Chateau!!!

May your evening be filled with happiness…






One thought on “48 Hours

  1. I feel like, if I would be going through this myself, I would be a lot like you. It’s part of life, enjoy to the end, keep doing what you are doing, etc., yet when it’s some one else, it’s a different story. My heart and love goes out to both of you. Patty, how are YOU holding up?

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