Pearl Harbor Day, 2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017 –  Up and on the run (trash day) at 5:30am.  Got all debris out today.  Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

So, HospPortable Oxygen.jpgice stopped by yesterday.  They brought me drugs, instructions, and Oxygen making machine, a portable Air Tank, gloves, Pill Storage Box, and other goodies.

20171207_070733[1].jpgFrom now on when we need a blood sample to check sodium levels, Hospice will come to take the sample, and have its analyses and forward the results to my oncologist.

How perfect is this!20171206_1420551.jpg


First Shirt Order from Neighbor Jeff.


Ernie, Last Man Standing.jpg



Ha, ha, we received this picture today from Craig & Diane of Monarch Utah, of the late great hippie of the 90’s, Ernie, the last man standing that night back in ’08.  He was one of the original neighborhood




rednecks that surrounded me with three horses on the road in Utah one morning wanting to know what I was doing up

here with Rex Lamb’s daughter? I answered, “Visiting?”                                   Ernie of Monarch

Speaking of Utah. I must tell you I am so honored and humbled with  Ron & Margene withREMAX Realtors having made a donation to the Fisher House at Travis AFB.  Thank you very much.  It really impacts and impresses me.  Such class!  Thanks again

Patty’s Parents came up with a couple of cases of wine for us, stayed for Linner of Veal dripping in a lemon cream sauce with mashed potatoes & peas. Swiss cheese with bread and butter, her father’s favorite. Pumpkin cake, whipped cream,  annnnnd a shot of Amador County Whiskey compliments of Greg & Linda Rusovan.





















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