Weather Alert: “Winter is hereby cancelled, “Al Gore”

Flute master music man Greg Cain (check out his music here), was generous with his day spending the lunch hour and afternoon here visiting with me and Patty.  We went into Pioneer (Red Corral) for the best burger on the mountain, “Mr. Beefy’s, Pioneer.  Cheese Burger with fresh vegi’s, quality meat, and the right bun (which makes the burger).  Add fries and refillable drink for $9.00.  Deal!


Neighbors Jeff and Cindi picked up their shirt order from us today.  We were able to offer a custom designed shirt in full color on a quality long sleeve girls shirt, 3 at $12.00 each.   Check out Welcome Pillows for a quality one-of-a-kind Christmas gift.

Yes, we made a profit and had a happy customer!  It’s how we roll here at Three Fork.  Lots of fun being able to provide the service and product and make a buck.  Our business mission is accomplished.


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