Crisp, cool Sunday Morning


Jim & Elaine of  Shingle Springs were up for a Saturday Night.  We decided we’d go see the 11th Annual Parade of Lights in Sutter Creek for the evening.  The plan was to get one of the world’s best pizza’s and watch the parade.

Well, the whole county must have had the same plan.  It was a 2-hour wait for a pizza, and the roads were jammed with traffic.  It was a mess!  We got out of there right away, heading into Pine Grove where we dined at Giannini’s Italian Restaurant.

Bellys full, we landed back in the nest and rented the movie, “O Brother Where Art Thou”.  Jim & Elaine hadn’t seen it.  Everyone needs to enjoy this movie.


Sunday Morning I was up at 4:00am, got a fire burning warmly in the pit, and this morning Jim learned a new way to enjoy that first cup of coffee.  Drink it with a fire, of course?

They left for a wine event at Bogle Wines in Clarksburg, where they are members picking up their allotment. I spent the day cleaning up the yard still but getting img_1880.jpgthere.


It’s Coq-au-vin tonight, and thank you for reading. 

Good Night!

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