Blown away


Patty finished her puzzle this morning.  I continued with the Mother of Blowers, blowing the driveways off.   Still, have a little more to do tomorrow possibly.

I forgot to share this place setting Elaine made for Patty.  She had made hot pads previously that match.

Elaine is a very talented artist when it comes to desgin and application.  Patty and I admire and enjoy her work.  Notice the vintage trailers stitching in the round,  we love them, Thanks Elaine!

One of my favorite boyfriends is coming up tomorrow and bringing a lunch he’s been working on.  Jeff (a former coworker) is a fine cook, and I know it will spin our wheels to eat his meals.

Prior to this event, I have a coffee meeting sometime around 4:00AM tomorrow, with neighbor Andy, another batchler up here on our mountain.  He raises mules, trains them to become trail worthy and then just about every summer he spends in Bishop providing his trail-ready mules for packing on a ride for days or even weeks all summer long.

However, he’s getting a little long in the tooth as a 10-years retiree from the San Francisco Fire  Department.


Tonight was Tri-Tip with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms as


a side dish.

Hey, thanks for reading our blog, good night friends, Ron & Patty.

Ron Patty.JPG










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