Stagecoach Coffee Club

Ron, Jeff, Andy

Today is the first meeting of newly formed Stagecoach Coffee Club at Three-Fork.  Neighbor Jeff came up abut 6:30am.  Andy arrived earlier, just about 6:00am.  We had coffee and Cuties.

I’m almost finished with the leaf/pine needle blowjob.  I still have a little more to do, not much.

IMG_1881.JPGFormer co-worker Jeff dropped in with frozen homemade dinners and limes in hand.  We went into Jackson to have lunch at the El Torro Mexican Restuarant.

After lunch, we headed over to Swingles Meat Market.  Jeff and I loaded up with all kinds of meats and sausages.  It was fun shopping and Patty let me loose.

Jeff left about 5:30pm.  It was a fine day of visiting.  Jeff is so generous with his time to kick down and spend time with us, which is always appreciated.  I have wonderful memories of working for JBS Energy, Inc., and special memories of being around these guys, with Jeff being one of them.  I spent 18 years of my days with 20171212_153727[1]the guys and loved it!

20171212_153819[1].jpgCheyenne came along with Mike for his afternoon dog biscuit and Mike his beer.

Catch up with you later.


Thanks for dropping by today.








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