Seven Shopping Days Left

Saturday, December 16, 2017 – 


We had our 5th Annual Stagecoach Road Christmas Party.  There was a ton of good food and drink, together with a gift exchange.  You could steal gifts from one another.  Quite entertaining!

The ladies brought gifts for ladies.  The men did the same for men.  Much better selection of gifts from the menfolk.  It was a fun party and the turnout was good.  Thanks for hosting, Mark and Terri.

Mark and Terri bought Al and Jackie’s house a few months ago.  They are very nice people.  Welcome to the neighborhood.

Mark and Terrible Terri

Patty made Shopping bags for everyone on the road.  Tami had a wine glass and a beer glass etched.  Roylene, a woman with the excellent baker skills brought the goodies pictured at the top of the page.

Sunday, December 17, 2017 –

Dude Ranch Andy and member of the Stagecoach Coffee Club came by on his mule accompanied by some of his riding friends on their horses Sunday Morning.  Beautiful animals!

During the afternoon my Daughter and her Husband Brandon came up for lunch and the afternoon.  Their three kids had to stay home with colds but they’ll all be back up this coming Friday.

We loaded up a lawn tractor with a mower for their new home in Granite Bay having 2 1/2 acres I’m sure they’ll make good use of it.

In between all of this busy day I continued removing oak leaves and pine needles.

Good Night,,,



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