Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 19, 2017-

This is the longest stretch of not writing I’ve ever done since I started this back early in July.  I feel like I haven’t talked to you for quite awhile.  Did anyone miss me?

It’s only because I’ve been so busy lately.  I’ve been working 12 to 15 hours a day lately, getting this place straightened out.



Today, prior to Co-Workers Jeff, Greg, and Garrick coming up today, I did some more burning of pine needles.

Just a little more to get up off the property.  I’m going to let my son, Kurt finish the job with the “Big Boy Blower”.

Jeff of Carmichael brought up a fried chicken lunch with them that Jeff prepared.  Garrick made a batch of beef stew, which we froze to have at a later date.  Neighbor Jeff joined us for a while too.

Patty made them all shopping bags with logos from their new businesses they formed separately after JBS shut down last January.  That is all but Jeff.  He is pretty much retired now, just doing some work for on a free-lance basis.




We sat by the fire and later drove to Mike’s house, where we had a couple of beers there.

They all headed back to the Valley about 5:00pm.


Patty had been in the Valley all day visiting a couple of people and had lunch with her parents.  She got back here about 6:00pm.  Just in time for Bee and her Mother, Vicky to arrive and spend the night.

Bee brought dinner from the restaurant she works in, Land-Ocean Restaurant in Folsom.  Vicky lives in Redding.


img_1935.jpgIt was a fine day of seeing all of was these folks.  There were good food and an evening of debauchery with laughs!

Bee was the first person we met in Volcano.  She was a bartender at the Whiskey Flats in Volcano.

We were up here every weekend while in escrow with the house and have remained friends since 2010.  It was wonderful meeting Vicky this time too.

Bee is now engaged to Jeremy and I will preside over their marriage, of which I’m honored.  I was ordained as a minister in 1977 by Brother Hensley of Modesto from the World Wide Church.  However, this will only by my second marriage ceremony since then.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017 –

Jay of Maki Construction came to pick up his shirt order.  He had ordered thirty company shirts with a logo he and Patty designed.  Please remember, we can design a shirt, pillow or print anything you need on any fabric for your event too.

Our goal is put out the highest quality product at a price you won’t find any less anywhere else and we’d like to be the go-to company for you too.  We are in the process of moving out of Patty’s Etsy Store and transferring everything over to our Web-Site, Welcome Pillows.

Thursday, December 21, 2017 – 

We left at 8:00am this morning for Travis AFB.  We’ve decided to have another round of radiation to quell the pain I’ve been experiencing lately.  Wednesday night I had the worst pain since I got into this deal.

Doctor Eastham was so accommodating getting us in there the very next day.  It took three hours to get it done.  I couldn’t lay still on the table due to the pain I was having.  They pumped a bunch of morphine in me to settle down.  I can only hope for some success with the procedure done.  Again, I have to give all the praise to the care I receive.

Leaving Travis, we had a bite at Costco.  $1.50 hot dog for me and a turkey sandwich for Patty.  We stopped to only buy butter but you know Costco.  It always cost more than you think it will.

OK, I’ll try to not be absent so long again.  However, with the holidays coming up, it could get busy, but I’m not going anywhere.

Catch you all soon. As always, thank you for reading.












5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. That was a LOT of needles and “stuff” to burn. Good job. You food intake sounds great! We’re in Ft Lauderdale and are flyi g back to .CA tomorrow. Driving home on the 24th. Christmas with family.

  2. Merry Merry Christmas to you and Patty.
    And yes I did miss your posts for a few days – of course – and hoping you were as busy as all of us these days, and that was the only issue.
    I’m sooo sorry I haven’t made time to get over to see you guys – you guys are on my mind…. I’m glad there are many people who love you guys and are helping with stuff. Pine needles included. Haha. I have some if you want them??? The wind isn’t helping – wind messes with most things – boating included 🤪⁉️
    I always look foreword to your posts and enjoy your inspiring enthusiasm.
    Please, have happy New Years and enjoy it all. I know you will.

    Hugs and love 💕 to you both.

    Terri Y

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