About Ron & Patty

My name is Ronald Lee.  I was born August 5, 1946, and died April 30, 2015, as a result of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.

On the last day of April 2015, I was stopped at a red light sitting on my motorcycle when I was rear-ended by a tweaker at 50 MPH driving an ’87 Oldsmobile, rendering me with 25 broken bones.  After hitting me tweaker ran on foot, but was caught by helicopter, and went to prison for a short time.  I continue to serve my sentence in my tower of pain.

IMG_3924I was taken to the University of Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.  During surgery on April 30th my heart stopped, and so was surgery.  After being revived by Doctors the surgery was postponed a day for consultation.

May 1st, surgery resumed repairing my broken neck, back, sternum, clavicle, 7 ribs, 4 facial breaks, nose, and big right toe.  I now have three-feet of Titanium rod and 27 screws in my neck and back, leaving me ridged for life, unable to turn my head in either direction left or right nor up or down.  I was deemed totally disabled and retired before I wanted to.


The next major event was when I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in September 2016, and underwent surgery.

Having been exposed to Agent Orange while serving combat operations with the Marine Corps in Vietnam during the years of 1966/1967.   I was then given a 100% Military related disability rating by the VA.

June 6, 2017, I was diagnosed with Stage 4, Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer.  Small Cell Lung Cancer is an incurable disease.  We’re told this cancer has put me on death row with various time frames to prepare to die (again).


I married my best friend, Patty in March of 1995.  We live in Volcano, California, and have since 2010.  Our house started at 1,002 square feet, 1 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, with a two-car garage.  The house has grown to a 1,620 square foot, three-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, with a four-car garage/shop with several outbuildings.  Our house sits on 1.56 at about 3,400 feet.

We get snow in the winter and heat in the summer but the temperatures would be considered mild.

Our property is consumed with tall pines, cedars, oak, and various other species.  The trees are so tall and thick our stars exist only by looking straight up.  Our pets include a dog, canaries, and chickens.


We call our home “Chateau Three Fork”.Patty started an internet business in 2010 with an ETSY store at Chateau Three Fork.  She designs, prints, and creates personalized decorative pillows.

In 2016 we added our own website. offering a more complete service and purchase options. Please feel free take a minute and visit our site Welcome Pillows.

My experiences and adventures of living here with Patty will continue being posted regularly, as I write regularly.  I regard my effort to write as a hobby.  I simply enjoy writing.

Having survived several motorcycle wrecks, falling 20 feet out of a tree, breaking my pelvis in two places,  my left arm, cutting off my thumb, two cancers, and a lifetime of risk as a Marine, ’60’s Hippy, ’70’s College Student, Biker, Back to Mother Earth, marriages, becoming a Businessman in the ’80’s, to getting my first job as an employee in the 90’s, I’m inspired to write about some of these adventures, sprinkled among the daily events of our life here at “Chateau Three Fork”, located in the beautiful Sierra Mountains of California.

While I don’t profess to be a professional writer, I hope you find it enjoyable to read.  If you’d like to subscribe and be notified of new postings by Email, please click on “Follow” on any of the pages.  You’ll find the “follow” button at the bottom of each published page.  This blog is ad-free, and it’s free to you too, as we remain also.

Patty and Ronald Lee
Ron & Patty





Thank you for reading.  Come back soon!

4 thoughts on “About Ron & Patty

  1. Been awhile since Ron passed but I still believe he is around. I met Ron on many a Run particularly with the Patriot Guard Riders. I would see him on his black bike with the White beard ! and say look at the all year Santa !! Little did I know he would be that guy, you know that guy that opens your eyes to the world !! He was a bit quiet on our first meetings, which could of been me. But on a PGR escort we stood together and as I always do, had many questions about his past. I love to hear old stories and how it used to be. Ron told me that he did not talk much or like people after his stint in Nam, but the PGR and what it stood for had changed his view and he was feeling better. He found out I had a 61 Panhead and from that time on he called me pan head, he would yell out “HEY PAN HEAD” how are you ???
    Then he told me about his wife Patty and how she could sow like no other. HUH!! it just so happened that I needed a custom flag cover for the PGR runs when on the freeway. Sure enough Patty just needed the idea and poof, bang covers for my flags !!! I will always be grateful for Ron and Patty and how they added to my life.
    And I am sure I will at some time see Ron on the Road again with the wind in his beard and the sun on his face !!!!!

    I will introduce Ron to my brother Jeff who is also waiting on that bridge for that long ride home

    RIP Bro,s

    Bruce “Panhead”

    1. Hello Bruce, thank you for this message which brings back cherished memories and made me smile.

      Ron felt honored to be part of the PGR and to know all of his “brothers”. I know being part of it was very healing for him.

      I will be having an honor and celebration of his life on his birthday (August 4th) here on his piece of the mountain that he loved so much. Everyone who knew him will be invited. I will also be requesting the PGR to honor him with a flag line and the Marines to perform military honors. We will then have a celebration, which is what he wanted.

      I will post more details as the date approaches.

      Thanks again and I hope to see you in August PAN HEAD!…………

      patty/always with ron

  2. Hi Ron and Patty…I finally sat down long enough to read your blog. Patty is correct you are a great writer which I already expected because i so enjoyed talking to you and you as well Patty. I wanted to tell you guys something… I’m often asked if my job is difficult(emotionally) and my answer is definitely not! I love my job because I get to meet people like you, people that come to us after receiving news they have the big “C”. Sometimes it’s only moments after being told or after weeks of chemo. I may only treat them once or as long as 8 weeks. These shell shocked patients are either scared and angry or incredibly upbeat as you were. My patients apologize to me often because they are in pain and can’t stay still or cannot hold their bladder for more than 3 mins. My head and neck patients are burned from inside out and they apologize for complaining when we put that damn mask on. So what is so rewarding? Getting the patient through it! All it takes is some empathy, a smile and a hug. Do I break down? Of course! I cried when you left Thursday because I wanted more time with both of you, I cry when patients are so burned their skin comes off with the mask and when grown men cry because they are scared and in the worst pain they’ve ever felt. ..I don’t cry over dying for some reason… it’s just another part of life!! So with that I would like to finish with a thank you. Thank you for the time I did get with you both. You are another reward to me and another reason to keep smiling. If I don’t get to see you again say hello to my dad!

    1. Hello Jill, Thank you for being there for Ron and I. Yes, we were always upbeat and Ron never complained about any pain or any treatment. Even though I know he was hurting. Ron passed away peacefully on February 1st here at home in his recliner surrounded by the love of our children and me. He loved life and was not afraid of this last part of life.

      Thank you Jill for this uplifting message, you are truly one of the “good ones”. I will be having an honor and celebration of his life here on his mountain that he loved so much on his birthday in August (the 4th). You and everyone that knew him are invited. I will post more about this when the time gets closer.

      …………………..patty/always with ron

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