Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 19, 2017-

This is the longest stretch of not writing I’ve ever done since I started this back early in July.  I feel like I haven’t talked to you for quite awhile.  Did anyone miss me?

It’s only because I’ve been so busy lately.  I’ve been working 12 to 15 hours a day lately, getting this place straightened out.



Today, prior to Co-Workers Jeff, Greg, and Garrick coming up today, I did some more burning of pine needles.

Just a little more to get up off the property.  I’m going to let my son, Kurt finish the job with the “Big Boy Blower”.

Jeff of Carmichael brought up a fried chicken lunch with them that Jeff prepared.  Garrick made a batch of beef stew, which we froze to have at a later date.  Neighbor Jeff joined us for a while too.

Patty made them all shopping bags with logos from their new businesses they formed separately after JBS shut down last January.  That is all but Jeff.  He is pretty much retired now, just doing some work for on a free-lance basis.




We sat by the fire and later drove to Mike’s house, where we had a couple of beers there.

They all headed back to the Valley about 5:00pm.


Patty had been in the Valley all day visiting a couple of people and had lunch with her parents.  She got back here about 6:00pm.  Just in time for Bee and her Mother, Vicky to arrive and spend the night.

Bee brought dinner from the restaurant she works in, Land-Ocean Restaurant in Folsom.  Vicky lives in Redding.


img_1935.jpgIt was a fine day of seeing all of was these folks.  There were good food and an evening of debauchery with laughs!

Bee was the first person we met in Volcano.  She was a bartender at the Whiskey Flats in Volcano.

We were up here every weekend while in escrow with the house and have remained friends since 2010.  It was wonderful meeting Vicky this time too.

Bee is now engaged to Jeremy and I will preside over their marriage, of which I’m honored.  I was ordained as a minister in 1977 by Brother Hensley of Modesto from the World Wide Church.  However, this will only by my second marriage ceremony since then.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017 –

Jay of Maki Construction came to pick up his shirt order.  He had ordered thirty company shirts with a logo he and Patty designed.  Please remember, we can design a shirt, pillow or print anything you need on any fabric for your event too.

Our goal is put out the highest quality product at a price you won’t find any less anywhere else and we’d like to be the go-to company for you too.  We are in the process of moving out of Patty’s Etsy Store and transferring everything over to our Web-Site, Welcome Pillows.

Thursday, December 21, 2017 – 

We left at 8:00am this morning for Travis AFB.  We’ve decided to have another round of radiation to quell the pain I’ve been experiencing lately.  Wednesday night I had the worst pain since I got into this deal.

Doctor Eastham was so accommodating getting us in there the very next day.  It took three hours to get it done.  I couldn’t lay still on the table due to the pain I was having.  They pumped a bunch of morphine in me to settle down.  I can only hope for some success with the procedure done.  Again, I have to give all the praise to the care I receive.

Leaving Travis, we had a bite at Costco.  $1.50 hot dog for me and a turkey sandwich for Patty.  We stopped to only buy butter but you know Costco.  It always cost more than you think it will.

OK, I’ll try to not be absent so long again.  However, with the holidays coming up, it could get busy, but I’m not going anywhere.

Catch you all soon. As always, thank you for reading.












Seven Shopping Days Left

Saturday, December 16, 2017 – 


We had our 5th Annual Stagecoach Road Christmas Party.  There was a ton of good food and drink, together with a gift exchange.  You could steal gifts from one another.  Quite entertaining!

The ladies brought gifts for ladies.  The men did the same for men.  Much better selection of gifts from the menfolk.  It was a fun party and the turnout was good.  Thanks for hosting, Mark and Terri.

Mark and Terri bought Al and Jackie’s house a few months ago.  They are very nice people.  Welcome to the neighborhood.

Mark and Terrible Terri

Patty made Shopping bags for everyone on the road.  Tami had a wine glass and a beer glass etched.  Roylene, a woman with the excellent baker skills brought the goodies pictured at the top of the page.

Sunday, December 17, 2017 –

Dude Ranch Andy and member of the Stagecoach Coffee Club came by on his mule accompanied by some of his riding friends on their horses Sunday Morning.  Beautiful animals!

During the afternoon my Daughter and her Husband Brandon came up for lunch and the afternoon.  Their three kids had to stay home with colds but they’ll all be back up this coming Friday.

We loaded up a lawn tractor with a mower for their new home in Granite Bay having 2 1/2 acres I’m sure they’ll make good use of it.

In between all of this busy day I continued removing oak leaves and pine needles.

Good Night,,,



Hot Shoe

20171215_142805[1].jpgFriday, December 15, 2017 –

I got out dealing with the piles of needles I’ve gathered and started burning them in the fire pit this morning.  We’ve had no burn days for over a week.  Everyone is worried the rains will come before they get to burn.  I am going ahead with a warming fire every day fueled by the pine needles and scrap lumber left over from the construction that went on around here.

My Hospice Nurse, Heidi stopped by this morning with some supplies.  She lives 3/10 of a mile from us.  She will come by about every two weeks to check on us.  Hospice is a great service and I can’t say enough good things about them.

Neighbors Mike and John stopped by the afternoon warming fire and a drink.  John lost his wife to cancer or the treatments and he told me I make him nervous to be around because of his past experience.  I assured him I won’t die in his arms, so get over it and have a beer.  Mike lost his wife the same way.

This road has been a deathbed for several here in the past several years.

Tomorrow night is our Stagecoach Christmas Party.  It’s our 5th annual this year.  You may recall we were scheduled to host this year but our unknown schedule with radiation could have interfered with our being here but radiation didn’t happen.  We could have gone ahead hosting but we just didn’t know the schedule back then so we asked if someone could step in for us.

Our new neighbors, Mark & Terrible Terry took over for us.  They are the folks that bought Al & Jackie’s house several months ago.  I’m sure it will be just as fun, although we would have liked to be able to fulfill the hosting duties.

There are only about ten houses on the road and most of us will be there tomorrow.  Of course, I’ll tell you all about it then.

20171215_200033[1]Lastly, I had a problem with fire today.  I caught my new boots on fire.  I doubt they’re waterproof any longer.


Thursday, December 14, 2017 –

Up and moving to 3:30am.  Coffee and a fire and then raking more needles but guess what?  I’m actually done.  You’ll not have to read about pine needles any longer.

Heading out to Costco in Folsom we stopped in Plymouth at a specialty clothing store.  Patty mentioned she had seen a dress there she saw a couple of months ago.  We bought that outfit, and I bought a leather coat.  Next door there was a pantry store there.  I bought a variety of Chocolates and a jar of chocolate sause.  I’m tasting chocolate sause on ice cream with Port Wine.   No need for Folsom, buying local!

After that little takedown on my wallet, we decided we’d stay away from Costco.  We went on to Jackson for lunch at the Bonanza Dogs.  Great polish dog and greater french fries!   A few grocery items, JoAnn’s Fabrics for supplies for Patty’s Christmas presents.

That’s all for tonite…………..Ronald Lee and Patty….

Stagecoach Coffee Club

Ron, Jeff, Andy

Today is the first meeting of newly formed Stagecoach Coffee Club at Three-Fork.  Neighbor Jeff came up abut 6:30am.  Andy arrived earlier, just about 6:00am.  We had coffee and Cuties.

I’m almost finished with the leaf/pine needle blowjob.  I still have a little more to do, not much.

IMG_1881.JPGFormer co-worker Jeff dropped in with frozen homemade dinners and limes in hand.  We went into Jackson to have lunch at the El Torro Mexican Restuarant.

After lunch, we headed over to Swingles Meat Market.  Jeff and I loaded up with all kinds of meats and sausages.  It was fun shopping and Patty let me loose.

Jeff left about 5:30pm.  It was a fine day of visiting.  Jeff is so generous with his time to kick down and spend time with us, which is always appreciated.  I have wonderful memories of working for JBS Energy, Inc., and special memories of being around these guys, with Jeff being one of them.  I spent 18 years of my days with 20171212_153727[1]the guys and loved it!

20171212_153819[1].jpgCheyenne came along with Mike for his afternoon dog biscuit and Mike his beer.

Catch up with you later.


Thanks for dropping by today.








Blown away


Patty finished her puzzle this morning.  I continued with the Mother of Blowers, blowing the driveways off.   Still, have a little more to do tomorrow possibly.

I forgot to share this place setting Elaine made for Patty.  She had made hot pads previously that match.

Elaine is a very talented artist when it comes to desgin and application.  Patty and I admire and enjoy her work.  Notice the vintage trailers stitching in the round,  we love them, Thanks Elaine!

One of my favorite boyfriends is coming up tomorrow and bringing a lunch he’s been working on.  Jeff (a former coworker) is a fine cook, and I know it will spin our wheels to eat his meals.

Prior to this event, I have a coffee meeting sometime around 4:00AM tomorrow, with neighbor Andy, another batchler up here on our mountain.  He raises mules, trains them to become trail worthy and then just about every summer he spends in Bishop providing his trail-ready mules for packing on a ride for days or even weeks all summer long.

However, he’s getting a little long in the tooth as a 10-years retiree from the San Francisco Fire  Department.


Tonight was Tri-Tip with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms as


a side dish.

Hey, thanks for reading our blog, good night friends, Ron & Patty.

Ron Patty.JPG










Crisp, cool Sunday Morning


Jim & Elaine of  Shingle Springs were up for a Saturday Night.  We decided we’d go see the 11th Annual Parade of Lights in Sutter Creek for the evening.  The plan was to get one of the world’s best pizza’s and watch the parade.

Well, the whole county must have had the same plan.  It was a 2-hour wait for a pizza, and the roads were jammed with traffic.  It was a mess!  We got out of there right away, heading into Pine Grove where we dined at Giannini’s Italian Restaurant.

Bellys full, we landed back in the nest and rented the movie, “O Brother Where Art Thou”.  Jim & Elaine hadn’t seen it.  Everyone needs to enjoy this movie.


Sunday Morning I was up at 4:00am, got a fire burning warmly in the pit, and this morning Jim learned a new way to enjoy that first cup of coffee.  Drink it with a fire, of course?

They left for a wine event at Bogle Wines in Clarksburg, where they are members picking up their allotment. I spent the day cleaning up the yard still but getting img_1880.jpgthere.


It’s Coq-au-vin tonight, and thank you for reading. 

Good Night!

Weather Alert: “Winter is hereby cancelled, “Al Gore”

Flute master music man Greg Cain (check out his music here), was generous with his day spending the lunch hour and afternoon here visiting with me and Patty.  We went into Pioneer (Red Corral) for the best burger on the mountain, “Mr. Beefy’s, Pioneer.  Cheese Burger with fresh vegi’s, quality meat, and the right bun (which makes the burger).  Add fries and refillable drink for $9.00.  Deal!


Neighbors Jeff and Cindi picked up their shirt order from us today.  We were able to offer a custom designed shirt in full color on a quality long sleeve girls shirt, 3 at $12.00 each.   Check out Welcome Pillows for a quality one-of-a-kind Christmas gift.

Yes, we made a profit and had a happy customer!  It’s how we roll here at Three Fork.  Lots of fun being able to provide the service and product and make a buck.  Our business mission is accomplished.


Pearl Harbor Day, 2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017 –  Up and on the run (trash day) at 5:30am.  Got all debris out today.  Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

So, HospPortable Oxygen.jpgice stopped by yesterday.  They brought me drugs, instructions, and Oxygen making machine, a portable Air Tank, gloves, Pill Storage Box, and other goodies.

20171207_070733[1].jpgFrom now on when we need a blood sample to check sodium levels, Hospice will come to take the sample, and have its analyses and forward the results to my oncologist.

How perfect is this!20171206_1420551.jpg


First Shirt Order from Neighbor Jeff.


Ernie, Last Man Standing.jpg



Ha, ha, we received this picture today from Craig & Diane of Monarch Utah, of the late great hippie of the 90’s, Ernie, the last man standing that night back in ’08.  He was one of the original neighborhood




rednecks that surrounded me with three horses on the road in Utah one morning wanting to know what I was doing up

here with Rex Lamb’s daughter? I answered, “Visiting?”                                   Ernie of Monarch

Speaking of Utah. I must tell you I am so honored and humbled with  Ron & Margene withREMAX Realtors having made a donation to the Fisher House at Travis AFB.  Thank you very much.  It really impacts and impresses me.  Such class!  Thanks again

Patty’s Parents came up with a couple of cases of wine for us, stayed for Linner of Veal dripping in a lemon cream sauce with mashed potatoes & peas. Swiss cheese with bread and butter, her father’s favorite. Pumpkin cake, whipped cream,  annnnnd a shot of Amador County Whiskey compliments of Greg & Linda Rusovan.





















48 Hours

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 –

48 hours without pain or additional confusion, 3 nights of sleeping, 8 hours or more each night, sleeping through the night without having to get up for any reason.  Miracle (or drugs)?  Hey, another beautiful day to be above ground,  right here in this volcano.

This will be short.  More like an update, and I hope I’m not repeating myself.  We have cut all ties with the medical community for their services.  We are total Hospice Baby now.  If needed, they will come to our home and meet our medical and pain needs.

Today I modified my Side Bar, the donation part.  It’s on the main page of this blog,  Ronald Lee Blog.

Now, here we are in our perfect life, with a perfectly functioning efficient Medical Staff in Hospice, with everything physically under control.  What else could one hope for?

Sign.jpgSo that’s the latest update.  The bottom line:  Life is Grand at the 3 Fork Chateau!!!

May your evening be filled with happiness…